Mt Lookout Euchre

Meeting Time: Tuesdays, 7pm, Mt. Lookout Tavern

Mt Lookout Euchre

Meeting Time & Place: Tuesday at 7pm at the Mt Lookout Tavern, Cincinnati

Event Overview: We are a group that enjoys getting together on Tuesdays and playing Euchre. Arrive by 7pm to join the lineup for progressive-style euchre, in which you'll switch partner each game. $5 entry fee, and the top three players win money at the end of the night. The bar in the Mt Lookout Tavern is open for dinner and drinks.

What is Euchre?: Euchre is a four-player card game, popular in the Midwest.
The following link has a good overview of the gameplay rules:
We follow the scoring system described in the following link (1 for 3/4 tricks, 2 for 5 tricks, 2 for Euchre, and 4 for 5 tricks while going alone):

Event Signup: Please RSVP under the "I Want to do That, Just not Alone" meetup group to assist the organizers in preparing the lineup. A meeting and signup is posted for each week under this group.